My new Bag

I know i’m doing two posts about the same thing but this one has pictures… and it’s my blog so what the hell.

So the delivery guy knocks on the door I stumble to the door (day off sick… not well) get my parcel. Mmm this looks like a flat bag…. it is a flat bag! Awesome!!! I’m excited because I’ve wanted one of these bags for ages and I ordered over 3 weeks ago and it’s taken sooo long to get here.

Well here it is:

Say that’s a fine looking bag you got there!

Looks like a big bag I hear you cry, well how much stuff can it hold?

How much stuff??

Loads, College folder, full change of clothes U-lock sandwich box, trainers ipod, wallet, spare coat, and still enough room to make it comfy on my back. So cool!

Can’t wait to get back on the bike and commute with it.

Less materialistic, self indulgent postings soon…. promise.

2 Responses

  1. They are fab! You can get loads more than that in it. I stop at the supermarket on the way home with a full bag and still manage to get loads in, at that point riding home is harder though as the bag is so heavy!

  2. I’m now at a point where I have several of their bags. I used to commute up north with the big one, which looks to be the one you have. I also used that one on my motorcycle up there to haul stuff from the post office. Great products!

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