be careful what you wish for

I spent most of last week wishing that the weather would make up it’s mind, cold in the morning and then warm later, wet then dry, dry then wet, cold and warm. My main complaint is that I have to carry more clothing with me. But yesterday the weather made up her mind. It’s cold!

Bugger me it was cold when I left the house in my 3/4 tights and just a long sleeve top (steady ladies). my first thoughts were…… “Brrrr its freezing…… not enough layers!”

So wrapped up I left the house again 5 mins later and set of to work and was cold almost all the way.

It’s definitely getting towards double buff time.

Oh. and to keep safe i’ve gone for making my bike look like a xmas tree two rear blinkies on the bike and one on my helmet and two lights on the front. Plus a new high Viz Gilet… which looks OK. I’m not  a fan of high viz but it does make me more visible.

These additional lights are mostly so that Don doesn’t worry too much about me…… and my kids get to keep their dad in one piece.


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