Slipping the traffic

Wow! Commuting home from the city of Sheffield at rush hour is interesting….. and the way I do it fun! Most of the roads out of the city are lanes each way so when it’s busy you have two lanes of traffic doing it’s stop start not go any where routine.

Being a cyclist i have the choice of

  1. Claim the lane and wait my turn….. 20 mins to move a 1/2 mile….. choking to death of diesel fumes and being shunted by impatient road rage fuming cagers
  2. Slip traffic on the left (near the kerb in the UK)…….risk………… being squashed into the footpath
  3. Ride continuously down the 3m wide gap in the middle of the traffic…..risk …. being doored when some gets out to howl at the moon for wasting their life in a traffic jam.

Lately i’m a No:3 kind of guy in fact it was so affective today I past a van in the city centre , not going any where and He did not pass me again for 4 miles!! not bad to say my top speed is about 24mph on the flat in traffic and his is up to 60pmh!!

Although i was considering the sanity of this manoeuvre but motorcyclists do it and i’m a lot slimmer on the SS than them!

So what ever gets me home quicker…. and still in one piece is ok…….

Or is it? Is it  a legal riding move?

I stop for all the red lights, should i wait my turn in traffic like every one else?



2 Responses

  1. That is the recommended way to do it! Just stay aware and it’ll be fine!

  2. I think it’s legal to pass on the right but not to undertake on the left. Personnely, I would go for whichever is safest, legal or not. You can almost guarantee that if there’s a junction or parked car nobody will look before turning.

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