You’re going out again?

This morning the plumber came to fix our leaky toilet so there was no 6:30 dash to work for me. I got up at the usual time and went for my first run in weeks, it felt pretty good I did 3 miles in less than 30 mins then had a shower got the toilet fixed.I went to see my little girls harvest festival assembly at her school once the plumber has left so by the time I did the ride into work it was 10:30 straight into meeting still sweating! Nice!

Then the child minder had sick kids to care for so I had to abandon work and cycle like a man possessed (for the 3rd time this week) home in time to pick the little girl from school.

Now this 3 mile run and 22 mile bike ride should I would have thought be enough for everyone…. but no not today. For some reason the need to run had overwhelmed me so at 20:30 hours (we work in military time here) I went off for another run. This time a 4 miler…. with 2 hills!

I’m now fairly tired but more hungry and wondering why…….. because it felt good. I need to stop asking why so much and just do i think.


3 Responses

  1. So how are the legs today?

  2. Two runs in one day!
    Running always leaves my legs needing days to recover.

  3. Trio: Feeling it, really feeling now after hammering my 12 mile. But for goodness shakes and freeze my muscles in the shower should sort me out.

    Redbikes: stupid is a stupid does……. me being the stupid one.

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