Apparently he does own the road!!

This Jag driver (who apparently DOES own the road)is now the proud owner of a dent from a cleated carbon soled shoe


He insisted that get the f*** out of his way & that I was a Bl**dy child for riding a bike on a road….. On a road of all places!!

I believe my real crime was being ahead of him at the lights to a roundabout and claiming the lane (theres 3 available, no other cars and i’m in the far left lane) ……. He then proceeded to move the 3 ton Jag further and further over squashing me to the kerb…. Whilst going round the roundabout……

Eventually when it looked like I was going to be pancake my anti Jag device (aka cleated carbon soled shoe) deployed causing the Jag & driver go away in a cloud of diesel smoke…. Didn’t stop to see if he’d hit me though… which I thought was kind.

Git! Evil or Very Mad

But I did nearly go no2 thinking that I was about to be road kill. It can be super scary commuting by bike some times. How someone is in such a rush and rage at 6:30 in a morning i’ll never know.

But apparently it’s a rage filled dog eat dog world and we cyclists are pretty much the bottom rung of the ladder in the commuting ranks. So as all ankle biters we need to be tenacious.


Dear Mr Jag Driver.

I apologise for kicking your nice shiny (very expensive) car. But you were about to rob my children of their father and the natural instinct of self preservation kicked in. I do hope you get your car repaired soon.


Highway Munky.


Your still a git!


5 Responses

  1. Glad to hear this story only because it means you survived. I can’t imagine how some cagers think it can be OK to run a cyclist off the road. I have a stretch in my commute where I have this type of behavior happen every week or so though it’s rare they come close enough for me to redecorate their cages as you have in this case.

    Keep your eyes open and keep on riding!

  2. Grrrr!!

  3. It does appear that riding a bike automatically turns you into ‘scum’ in some drivers eyes. I got cut up a treat this morning with someone turning left on a roundabout straight across me.

  4. But remember that the majority of drivers are nice!

    I also apologise to the lady who banged her wing mirror into my bag, hope it isn’t broke!

    • It’s true most drivers are nice, on my way home today I was protected all the way round a big roundabout by a van. Waved my thanks and felt better about van drivers.

      Trio – Linked you. See the good reading page

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