Two Mad dashes in a row!

The last two days i’ve had to go hell for leather to get back to the ranch in time for some domestic emergency. Arrived on time [even early today] Looking like hell breathing through my ass!

Wasn’t need….. No need to rush…


Still all good training. Tomorrows training looks like it will be:

Riding in the cold windy English rain….. lovely!

They say that it builds character, if that’s true I must have enough by now to start a second person! That’s right I’m tough I ride in all weathers…… It’s not actually because I’m tough… it’s because I’m poor and can’t afford to run a car…. or so the Mrs tells me…. maybe she just likes the look of me in tights! (sorry for those who just threw up….. Sorry)

Anyway off to bed. Later Y’all.

2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to cycle more in the hope it will save me some money. However, at the rate i’m going through parts i’m not sure it’s saving me anything!

    That before I take into account the ‘extra’ food cycling seems to force me to buy and the fact the poor washing machine is on 3 or 4 days a week.

  2. Well the secret is to just believe your saving money!

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