Tuesday Pootle – Resevoir Raid!

Great ride with the Bad Brains Pootle crew tonight, though the definition of a pootle is not what I remember or thought it was I’m knackered! really cool ride with the best twisty turny hard hitting single track ride.

This ride was described by Big Al as a 2hours of giving head, the flats and and downhills you are definitely on the receiving end but the climbs let you know you are the giver!

There were plenty of stops of chats and even a bit of yorkshire rain did not dampen any spirits.

My only niggle and it’s not really a niggle is the continuing stinging pains in my arms and legs from being ripped to shred by thistles, brambles, thorns and nettles almost immediately into the 1st decent and then it just continued, well thats what a warm wet summer will do I guess. I don’t know if it makes you look daft or really tough to be riding along bleeding from both arms…. I say tough.

Excellent ride though guys I really enjoyed it so much fun and not a single crash in sight… for me any way.

Now working nights in the rain at the side of the road.


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