Burning off the fat

It’s been a light few weeks for me with respect to cycling, I had my blast out at Sherwood pines the other Monday and on Thursday last week I went for a longish ride for about 30miles in the evening which lead to thigh cramps and getting wet but a good hard ride doing the 30 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes [including puncture repair]

Today I got up late in the morning [back on nights again] got kitted out in my lycra and tight pink shirt [which is the most comfortable shirt I own but also the gayest as the lads at my LBS reminded me] Water bottles filled and off I go aiming to do the reverse of the 30 miles ride and maybe tagging a bit on the end.

Remebering to eat and drink regularly the first hour zipped by and i hit my imaginary half way point [actually about 14miles] at the Hare and Tortoise pub [a great place for Sunday lunch]

Pushing on through Doncaster it was a relief to get in the cycle lanes away from the wheels of the lorry’s that were determined to skim me at every chance but the only issue with cycle lanes that are also bus lanes are that the buses don’t see me / take aim for me. [i was wearing a bright pink shirt they couldn’t miss me] and the antiskid surface has the maxium rolling resistance so it’s twice as hard to keep up the same speed, this was coupled with the introduction of a horrid head wind and so the suffering started.

It was really quite warm today, clear skies and the sun over head meant that every time I stopped I realised how hot I actually was. Roasting is how hot I was, more liquid required, more energy gels and push on.

Getting into Rotherham I remembered why I like Doncaster to ride in so much, it’s flat, Rotherham has about 1/4 mile of flat road the rest it seams is up hill…. everywhere!

Failing in my attempt to get caught by the 30mph speed camera on a steep downhill I span on to the LBS for a water refill and to have the crack [laugh and joke] with the lads before finally taking the long slow climb [instead of the long steep climb] home. Total miles 40.02 time 2hours 33 mins.

Good Ride.

Monday ride


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