Race Report #3 Last in the series


It was in the end rubbish but i’ll explain. I set off in the 1st run at a sprint to keep up with the leaders / gazelles, this put me in about 8th place after the 1st mile of the run, by this time I was in serious pain needing to pee, after some deliberation i decided to stop then rather than try and carry on suffering and make up the time later.

A quick tinkle behind the bushes and I was back on track and finished the run in about 15 mins 10 seconds [tbc] I hit the road with the bike, feeling good and was soon in the groove gaining on those in front of me I was briefly passed, but quickly clawed him back on the 1st climb and over took with no worries, on the downhill I tucked in behind my target and saved some energy in his slip stream, we rounded the 1st major corner and the junction was clear so I was up out of the saddle powering past him when my race was ended by a snap, clunk wrench noise.

I quickly pulled over to see that the chain had half snapped and in the process snagged on the derailheur arm, almost ripping it off the bike.

I attempted to get the chain slit and fixed but it wrecked my chain link tool on the multi tool and that was it. I was out.

The 2 mile walk back to the start line was hard and humiliating, I was gutted.

So 3 races over 10th place, 11th place and a DNF.

James at the bike shop has been a star and will fix the bike and let me have it back for my next race within a few days for free, what a legend.

On a life note:

I’m working nights for a few weeks, which means a lack of running with my mate but hopefully should get out Friday and planning a bike ride for some time Sunday I hope then going to go for an epic MTB ride Monday.

Later Y’all.



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