Race report – Duathlon #2 – The suffering

I know i have only myself to blame, I should have restrained myself this past week, but I didn’t.

This week I have mostly been eating….. takeaways and rubbish!

How much running & cycling have i done to combat this intake of fat and sugar and carbs…… 1 run 2 commutes by bike.


right now I’ve laid the ground work, here’s how the race went.

I’ve been onsite through the day… did the 52 mile commute home, kissed the kids and my fair lady then scuttled off to the start line.

Wow I thought as i pulled into the field 20 mins later, theres a lot of cars here. There were 39 competitors for this one, up 11 on the last race.

We set off in mass start and I soon got into my comfortable breathing pattern and happy pace, passing several people over the 1st 2  miles.

Hitting the transition i’d thought about the process of changing gear and went for shoes, helmet, bike and go, Hopefully a quicker time in transition this time, I was roughly about the same time of 15:30 ish for run 1.

On to the road I pushed it out hard from the start passing 3 riders on the 1st 500 yards, I found my rabbit and set off in pursuit.

But this waskerly wabbit was very quick, or I was very slow…. I suspect it was more me, I’m sure that last time I could have caught him, by the end of the 1st lap I was starting to suffer, my heart rate hadn’t dropped below 170 since the start of the run and I was feeling it. At about mile 3.5 I was passed by a slick looking time trialist, who didn’t seem to be going too fast but I could not hang onto him

Half way through lap 2 and I got cramp in my left calf, then my right, meaning I was pedalling totally flat footed for the rest of the ride. Shortly after this I was passed by a guy in full rock racing gear I’d over taken in the run, who became an obsession to stay with for the rest of the ride. Ride time about 31 mins

Off the bike and running into T2 y legs were like jelly and as I took my shoe off my left leg locked up and I had to take 30 seconds to stretch out my calfs, for fear of serious cramp. Legs stretched I launched into run2 “rock racing” just in front of me, I gained on him stretching out my stride to free up the movement in my tired legs.

We chatted and stuck together for the next mile and a quarter then, finding my rhythem again I was able to stretch it out on the hill and up the pace,  desperate to finish within my time of 1:04 from the 1st race I pushed as hard as i could.

300 yards from the finish I was passed by #15 , 300 yards! how demoralising. I was spent, breathing through my arse practically i crossed the line.

Official time 1hour 4 mins 7 seconds.

I’m pleased with the time and the fact that sheer will pushed me to achieve that time again.

Back on the salad & training runs with a mate tonight!!#

Still going for my sub one hour target.

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