Closing Out May

Warning Geek Out time!!

Right… I’ve reset my computer several times for different rides and got a lot of MTB rides and rides on the Kuota to add up so give me a minutes,,

824 + 49 +10….. carry the 1….

Oh right,

Assuming that I wasn’t totally wrong in my closing out April post then i’ve done this year is about:

1070miles since Feb – Arrival of the Langster time.

And about 400 for May.

Done my 1st Duathlon,

Ridden 1st ride with the sheffield Urban extremist MTB club on Sunday… which was fun.

Ridden my 1st full Carbon Road bike…

Done my 1st 50 mile ride…. well nearly.

May has been a month of 1st’s.

Happy riding all.

One Response

  1. Sounds like a great May, bro!
    I need to work up to 50 milers. I think 30 +/- a couple has been my longest so far, the Philly LiveStrong ride is 45. So, I have some work to do!
    Also, I’ve had to can the Single Speed project on account no money to do it. 😦
    Well, congrats on an awesome May! Keep it up!

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