Hitting the 1/2 Century.

I was rudely woken this morning by my 3rd hayfever attack in 24 hours.

Rubbing my eyes I staggered down stairs, took a tablet, eye drops and nasal spray, looked at the clock 4:45am it said.

Urgh… so early… wide awake….. ah! 50 mile ride could be done before work!

Clothes on, breakfast wolfed down, off we go!

My latest TriathlonPlus magazine had an interesting article about the benefits of caffine prior to exercise, so I gulped down a mug of hot Kenco [fair trade i must add] I’m sure this got me spinning at the high rate that set the pace for the ride.

It was beautifully quiet and traffic free for most of the ride see the pics:

I was on the road by 5:15am feeling good spinning nicely [i’ve still got the lovely carbon Kuota Ksano thank the Lord or this would have been horrible]

Down to Edlington and out to Doncaster felt good, Skirting through Doncaster I kept on the northern roads heading to Hatfield,feeling strong and fast I was really enjoying this.

From Hatfield I turned south onto the A614 and suffered for the next 12 miles, running low on energy running out of drink and not a single shop insight… where do these people get their stuff from?

By the time I hit Bawtry I was starting to feel quite low, my thoughts which wandered far and wide had definitely taken a turn down the dark side.

A quick stop at the Spar for Mars bars, sweets and water gave me a real mental boost and just having food in my stomach improved how I was feeling on the bike. I span on down to Blyth suffering a chain deraillment at the worst possible moment going up hill approaching a roundabout!

Having recovered I munched some more sweets and powered on to Oldcotes, then Dinnington and finally into the office.

I’m pleased i’ve done it but absolutely gutted at the recorded distance.

My GPS says:

Distance: 79km

Time: 3:05’21

Avg Speed: 25.1 km/hr

Max Speed 56.7 km/hr

Calories Burned: 2479  – [no wonder i’m tired and starving!]

Do you know what 79km in miles is??

49.088 miles!



2 Responses

  1. 79 k’s before work is a pretty good effort. Sorry about the hay fever. I had good results with accupuncture and some evil herbal teas my naturopath gave me. Worth a try I reckon!

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