Sunday Riding: Feeling the burn


Due to sick kids i’d not been able to get in my 50 mile ride i’d been thinking about for this weekend so I sorted them all out for bed Sunday evening slung my leg over the iron horse and headed out of the door for a good old spin…. not the 50 miles as the sun was already setting and I was tired from being up half the night cuddling poorly children but a good spin would do me nicely.

I set off criss crossing my usual routes with the lanes and side roads that cover the South Yorkshire valleys. For longer rides I try to push out to flatter country side but I thought hills would go down well today so sticking in Rotherham I hit the climbs… discovering that BBQ lamb kebabs were probably a bad idea! stomach ache for a good hour,

After an hour the light was really starting to fade so I headed my wheels in a homeward bound direction and suffered the 4% climb for 3/4 of a mile [the joys of living on a hill… in fact the highest point in the town]

When I finally dragged my ass to the top and convinced myself I didn’t need to be sick, barely turning the cranks I stumbled and stuttered home, unsure why i’d chosen such a hilly route, why it hurt so much and why i’d eaten so much BBQ food & drank so much beer all weekend!

Lesson learnt I got home and ran a nice soothing bath….. and had a beer… oh well.

Tomorrow’s Post:

1st Ever Race Report!

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