1st Ever Race Report!

On Friday I picked up the local rag and saw in the sports section an advertisement for the Harworth & District Cycling Club Duathlon’s Series.

I thought… I could do that.

A quick phone call the the Ladies team captain and I was registered and i was doing it.

I have not done a competitive sporting event since playing rugby at school about 10 years ago. So i started to get a little nervous, partly because of my lack of racing experience, wondering on my level of fitness and how was i going to do this on a single speed?

Off to  JeJames I went cap in hand saying please sponsor me in terms of a bike? Like the legends they are the boys from the LBS sorted me out with this beauty.



She’s a smooth full carbon frame with Shimano 105 groupset. She’s light and fast! A race worth steed in hand I was ready to go…… did I mention I was nervous.

Tuesday came and went by quickly and the knot in my stomach grew ever bigger.. nerves are good I kept saying to myself it’ll keep me on my toes… i hope.

I packed the car, got my kit on kissed the family and left to the sound of “good luck” set off and 1 mile down the road realised i’d forgotten my helmet… bugger!

Having retrieved my helmet I made my way to the start point and spotting a car with bikes on the back turning down a side path I followed suit.

Parking up not sure what to expect I met a lovely guy called Will from the Sheffeild Tri Club, which was a comfort to get chatting to someone straight off.

We registered and I was Lucky Number:


We all lined up at the start line…. here we go.

“resist the urge to set off like a shot”


I set off at a good pace in about 12th place after about 300 yards I was passed by the a big guy in Blue & White [just call big guy from here on] I was fairly comfortable with his pace and hung onto his heels until the 1mile turn around by which time i was holding back to stay with him.

Passing him on the 2nd mile was a good confidence booster and spurred me on to stay ahead.

2miles done I entered the transition.

26052009103A quick change I thought, helmet on, grabbed the bike struggled to run and put my gloves on [note to self put them on before you get to the bike] then I was out on the open road 10miles to ahead of me.

The bike felt good and out of the transition I could see 2 riders ahead of me spent the whole 1st lap in the drops chasing, after about 6miles I caught my white rabbit [guy in white] and pushed on to open up the gap as well as trying to close down the black rider in front of me. But the head wind was so severe and he was as fast as i was and took the corners better than I did so I never caught him.

Approaching the 2nd transition I slowed to a stop and getting off the bike to run was weird, my legs felt strange and difficult to run.

Into the transition i’d drank all my water and spent too long messing about getting my stuff off. Out on the 2nd run

This was I told myself all about heart I was tired and struggling but I kept an even pace and saved my self for the last 1/2 mile, Hitting the 1 mile marker was a boost and see that those behind me looked just a tired kept me going.

I picked up the pace as soon as i hit the final tarmac stretch and turning for the final 100m opened up to a near sprint.

Finished… knackered… Happy…..

Time sheet:

Duathlon Results

Run 1 :  15:33

T1:          1:05

Bike:     29.38

T2:        1:01

Run2:   16:38

Total: 104:00

Really enjoyed it and pleased with my 1st attempt. So 2 weeks hard training for the 2nd leg on the 9th June aiming for a sub 1 hour time!


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  1. Well done that man!!

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