Such an old man

I’m sat here writing this drivel with a cold pack on my back, one on my knee, a tartan blanket over me and a cat sat next to me. All I need is some slippers and the cough of 50 years passive smoking and I’d be my grandad.

I did a really good hard ride Sunday morning 33.45 miles in 2hours exactly on my single speed langster. I’m quite pleased with that 17mph average is pretty good with just one gear  think. [just can’t help it, i’ve got to drop the singlespeed comment in somewhere, why else ride it]

Anyway, I was moaning about being an old man. Yes at the tender age of 28 I’ve applied for my bus pass or so it feelsdue to the fact that today I bent over to do some thing simple like pick up my son and my back went “oh no you don’t sunshine” OUCH!!! I said and spent the rest of the day hobbling and mostly walking like i’d had a horrible accident falling of a ladder and landing n a traffic cone arse first…. which I did’t, I just bent over. The traffic cone would have been a much better story and gained me much greater sympathy.

Hoping to be on the bend tomorrow, as i’m on child care duty for one sick child and the other with energy levels comparative to a medum sized nuclear explosion. Should be fun.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t mean to laugh, so I’m going to chortle briefly, and then explain (ie: relive my pain)
    Heh heh heh…
    I was at work one time, and I bent over to pick up a pair of socks that fell to the floor. I bent forward and shrieked! I literally could not get up! So I did the only thing I could…
    I laid on the floor in a near fetal position laughing uncontrollably and trying my damnedest not to start bawling like a three year old.
    Been there, done that, got the shirt. It SUCKS!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

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