Drown Rat!

Oh My Holy WordPress! It ain’t half raining!

By the time I got home yesterday there was about 1/2 a pint of water in my shoes. The water retention properties of carbon fibre are quite impressive, if I was ever in a situation where I was desperate for a drink had a supply of water but no drinking vessel these shoes would serve me well….. that’s disgusting but true. This water which had been cold but by the time I took them off they were fairly warm.. like little baths. lovely.

The rest of me was wet through and I had to go to pick up the little boy from the child minders, so following a superman like lightening change I was out of the door running up the road getting wet again.

This morning when I got up it looked wet but not raining at that moment, so I threw on some clothes dashed out of the door, grabbed the bike and thought…. mud guards would be a good idea to keep me drier.

Grabbing my nice MTB mud guards I quickly attached the front one and then proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes shouting swearing and generally cussing about the fact that the rear one would not go on and when it did it would only sit in the position that rubs on the back wheel.

Much grumbling later I gave up, resigned myself to having a wet arse and set off.

As I stepped out of from the shelter of my garage the heavens opened, well more like all the clouds just fell out of the sky.

You know the look when someone has water dumped on them, they inhale, arms go up and there’s just shock…. it was like that.

Taking the most direct route to the office I made it here in 20 mins but I arrived wet through dripping and looking like a drown rat!

Fortunately my shower room has a heater which in 8 hours can dry my clothes quite nicely to get wet again.

Ah the joys of spring.

One Response

  1. So that makes three showers in one day; two cold and one hot! I don’t think I’ll be trying the carbon shoe as drinking vessel any time soon but the foot bath sounded OK.

    My commuter is a Surley Karate Monkey which is a great bike for its flexibility but it took three fender purchases to find one that actually fit and it makes getting the rear wheel on and off only somewhat less arduous than riding a century and takes nearly as long.

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