Fair Weather Cyclists


I noticed on Monday during my commute that there were considerably more cyclists out on the roads than I have seen for many a month.

This is great I thought loads of people biking around people to share a ride with, chase, race and generally enjoy the commute with.

But these are not the same happy hardy souls I’ve been nodding to all winter. They are different!

Some of them snear at me,

Some ignore me,

Only some give the traditional [and I thought manditary] cyclist nod.

You know the nod in recognition of another brother / sister of the holy communion of commuting cyclists, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers…… no wait that’s Shakespeare.

This puzzles and bothered me all the way home until I saw an old fellow who I pass regularly who gave me his usual smile and hello and I dawned on me.

The fair weather cyclists [and God Bless them we need them] they are not grumpy or ignorant, they are merely suffering, along after a winter of eating and TV they are suffering to get back to shape.

We year round commuters are so happy that we have warm weather again that we are filled with the joys of spring! The ice has finally melted from our faces, toes remember warmth and we no longer have frozen snot stuck to our faces. We are just so happy!

We Few, We Happy Few. Cheers Will.


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