So tired!

Yesterdays college commute should have been a fun fast 25 mile there and back spin but for some reason I couldn’t do it. I did do the ride in the end but I am just so tired. I have energy enough to last through the day and can turn a burst of speed when I need to but I’m just struggling alot of the time.

Not sure why….

Yesterday wasn’t helped by running out of life giving liquid before I set off on the return journey. Maybe it’s food that’s the issue? So I had chinese takeaway last night if that doesn’t fill me with proteins, carbs, fats and sugars nothing will.

Maybe sleep? I don’t usually sleep alot but the last few days I’ve been hitting the sack by 21:30 this may help? I’ve always thought sleep when you’re dead! but at this rate I’ll be dead if i don’t.

Here’s a slightly disjointed picture of one of the hills of suffering on the homeward bound leg of the college commute.



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