RWC #4 Tyre Choice

(Note: Yes I know I posted #5 Yesterday and 5 comes after 4 but this one wasn’t ready)

Balloon tires or standard commuter tires for utility cycling?

Light and skinny or hearty bullet-proof tires for road riding?

Whatever your choice, what did you try before arriving at your perfect solution or are you still on the quest?
What makes your selection better than the other options?

Interesting and always relevant for the commuter and regular cyclist, nice topic.

Right down to it then.

I currently use the light & skinny tyres on the commuting road bike and tough grippy XC tyres on the MTB. I have been through 4 sets of tyres in the 2 years I’ve had my Kona and have found that the best tyres for my riding style are the Panaracer Fire XC Pro. Plus they are blue walled so they match my bike…… Yes I’m a tart I know.

The road bike has the light and skinny’s as they are what came with it and they are fast, smooth and easy to get on and off when the occasional thorn/metal staple/glass pieces attack me.

I like these tyres as they are fast and smooth and at 110psi reasonably tough enough to keep the nasty’s away, but come the summer new tyres will be required and the results of my fellow writers opinions will probably sway me whether to stay as I am or go for tough tyres.

My selection may be better or worse that others I don’t know. I used to run Schwalbe Stelvio Raceguard Tyres on my Pinarrello they were tough as old boots but not so comfortable.

My MTB choice came through trial and error over months and months of riding, the road bike choice is because that’s what came with it. I’m certainly more confident in the MTB choice I would say go for trial and error!


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