Sunday night following the sunday morning ride  I thought I’d push the boat out abit and go for a nice long run,  about 5miles to stretch myself from the usual 3 miles I do.

All was going well for about 2 miles and then on a perfectly flat piece of road just running along in a straight line I felt a snap! in my foot.

Oh No! [went through my mind]

But there was no pain and the foot still moved as a foot should so I kept running, a bit concerned but in no pain so why stop?

The next mile went by just as the previous 2 but with a developing ache in the snappy foot. I was at the time more concerned by the nipple rub I was getting from my layers than my foot, but it soon pulled rank as the more serious issue and the last mile and a half were a mix of running, walking and hobbling.

I don’t know what I’ve done but it is uncomfortable, Hurting and annoying.

Iced it when home and hope it gets better.


Foot hurt all day Monday and it hurt too much to ride in Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday and it feel better but now sore following the 38miles ride. Don’t think i’ve broken a bone, but maybe a ligament? There’s no swelling to speak of but it does make my toes stiff.

We’ll see how it mends/

2 Responses

  1. Doctor? X-rays? No?

  2. just a weeks rest and all better. 5k run after 20k ride and no problems.

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