Wednesday morning stretch


As part of the Aiming for 100 training I am doing some early morning long rides, Yesterdays post with the near 30 mile ride in 2 hours I was hoping that I would be able to do that again and stretch it out.

The 1st few miles were steady, trying to get me legs into the ride and focus, the music for today’s ride was the 2009 Hed Kandi Lounge. Nice and steady dance for nice steady pedalling.

dsc02218I ate and drank as per my schedule and felt strong for the full ride. I did get hungry after about 2 hours and stopped to get a couple of snickers bars and a can of redbull and the last 10 miles of the ride consitutes the majority of the 750ft+ of ascent in order to get to the office and with only one gear the only choice is to stand up and suffer it.

dsc02219Now in the office I feel tired as expected having done a 38 mile ride in a morning but not wiped out like I did last year doing the long early morning rides.

Must be getting fit!


  • Time: 2:35’10
  • Distance: 38.22 miles
  • Average Speed: 15.1mph
  • Max Speed: 33.8mph
  • Average HR: 126bpm
  • Calories Burnt: 1670

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  1. why the condensed feed in the rss now rob?


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