Sunday Riding


Got up early Sunday morning for a long ride. I’d driven some of the route the day before so I had it in my mind where i’d go.

My plan was to maintain a fast pace for as long as possible.

It was cold! Full fingered gloves would have been a good idea but when in the sun it wasn’t too bad….. after an hour!

Despite the cold it only took me about 20 minutes to settle into spinning zone. The miles slipped past easily and with what seemed like minimal effort and suddenly I’d done an hour and 17 miles.

Down some SIS energy bar and a gel on the move and up a [virtual] gear pushing on for 30 miles in 2 hours.

dsc02202Unfortunately I live at the top of the highest hill for miles around and to get home is always a struggle and average speed sapping ordeal.

But when I did get round the final corner for home I felt strong…. So I went back to bed for 2 hours! Then out for Sunday lunch at one of my favourite pubs. It was a good day!


  • Time: 1:49’35
  • Distance: 28.55
  • Average Speed: 15.1mph
  • Max Speed: 33.4mph

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