See you later

**Scheduled post**

Morning all, I have great and joyous news! I’m off!

That’s right I’m off, off on my travels, I have kept very mum about this [it’s driven me mad not talking about it but it was important to be a surprise]

I am talking my single speed bike and my newly fit legs and i’m off to Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and then Australia.

So wish me luck, because I think I’ll end up coming back looking a bit like this guy:

I’ve Left the wife and kids with money and they will come and visit me every few months but basically I’m going all hermit traveller for the next 2 years!

I’ll blog when I can but I want to try to be the 1st person to cycle half way round the world on a single speed bike. Yes there are mountains to conquer and deserts to pass but I think that with a bit of grit, determination and good old plucky Britishness I’ll do fine.

Here’s some picture of the places i’m going to visit.




Mongolia…… Hopefully with Geaorge W. Bush





So it’s just a lot of this for me for the next 2 years! See Ya!

Oh and Happy April 1st!


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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