Closing out March

dsc02162Today I needed to go pick up a parcel from the post office, the card “postie had left stated that the parcel was not in my town but the next, so I set off early and rode out my college route there upon arrival I was informed that said parcel was not there but in fact at my local depot.

So back on the old iron horse to the other post office where as it was before their opening times I had to beg the woman for my parcel. I was eventually successful and set off for the office.

Some people would be mad that they had to run around for an hour and a half due to the wrong information card. But why should I be mad that I got to have a near on 2 hour ride on a nice warm morning!

In fact Thanks for the mix up postie!

But….. My ass hurts due to a saddle sore that has gone mental!…. sorry……. but it’s good to share.


2 weeks data as last week I only rode for a couple of days.

  • Time: 9:43’57
  • Distance: 136.43miles
  • Average Speed: 14mph
  • Max: 32.4mph
  • March Total: 381.2miles



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