Stretch it out

This mornings ride wasn’t quite 30 miles but it felt like it thanks to a fantastic 17mph headwind! [i checked it was that hard]

Ride info:

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  • Distance: 21.22
  • Time: 1:30
  • Ascent: 505ft
  • Descent: 575ft
  • Average Speed: 14.15 mph
  • Calories burned: 1172

The 1st part of the ride was great and I felt strong and was whipping along quite nicely, I made sure that I drank regularly and  was able to get to the 14 mile mark in relative comfort it was at this point the situation changed some what.

I rounded a corner and was immediately blasted by head wind which cut my average speed as I was seeing it from a healthy 18mph to a suffering 13mph and the suffering in the head wind continued for the next 7 miles and this 7 miles is the 7 miles on the busiest road that I really could have done with zipping along, but it was not to be, today I suffered in the saddle but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it later.

Very sleepy now.

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