Single Speed Fit


I’ve been cycling for about two and a half years now in the cycling regularly / being addicted to it sort of way.

I’ve worked hard to get fit and thought that I had fairly strong muscular legs…. apparently not.

My legs have under gone some sort of transformation, they’ve changed in a month from legs to cycling machines!

They are like two pink hairy pistons hammering away at the pedals, i’ve got visiable muscles sticking out in places that I didn’t know they grew! It’s awesome and probably why my running has come on so much.

Also I have found that all of me has toned up since I got the single speed bike, my upper body from the pulling up when climbing and lower from hammering the cranks so much.

So we have a top Highwaymunky training tip for you.

If you want legs that are like the pistons of of an ocean liner engine, that go like the clappers and look pretty good [i think]

Then single speed is the way to go!

Although I am looking a little odd with great arms and legs and a podgy tummy sticking out of the middle but that’s a work in progress.


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