Grumpy Training

I have made a discovery, hard training makes me grumpy.

Now that i’ve started pushing myself with the running and cycling has had some interesting effects.

  • I’m getting fitter [obviously!]
  • Leaner [the podge around the middle is shrinking….. slowly but it’s going]
  • More energetic, the more I train the more i want to train.
  • Motivation & focus are high
  • I’m very grumpy

I think the last point is due to being more tired at the end of the day and still having to do all the working / college work / normal house / family stuff [damn i’m busy]

Also the shock to the system of pushing my exercise limits beyond what i’m used to for commuting.

Speaking of pushing limits i’ve set a new running record today

Distance: 3miles

Time: 25:26 minutes

From a cold start. I’m well stoked with that! It was hard and my average heart rate was high at 169 but I was able to keep going at a fast pace pushing hard.

Going to try and get in a 30mile+ ride in this week.



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