Broken Bits…… Again!

Oh Dear! My plan of having incident repair free commuting appears to have taken a walk down the proverbial swannie! [gone down the toilet for those not speaking yorkshire…. heathens!]

There has been in interesting sound developing at the back of the Langster and it became louder and louder to the point it is now a noise and an interference in fact it is so bad that I was forced back on the MTB for the commute in today.

The free wheel is making very loud grinding banging noises with the sound of bearings running amok inside!

This has as you would expect caused some anger, a bit of fist waving and a hour or so of getting dirty trying to fix it.

It is as they say “Buggered”!

The reason for this important part on my nice new bike falling apart is that it is cheap. Yes cheap a merer £10 that’s $13.80 to our colonial brothers & sisters.

“But wait” I hear you cry “HighwayMunky you have the Langster Monacco with it’s flip flop rear hub! You could ride it fixed”?

Yes, Yes I could…. But it scared the life out of me trying it last night so I chickened out!….

Que laughter and mocking remarks…..

I hang my head…….

One Response

  1. There’s someone out there who makes a really good freewheel. Check on Speedgoat’s website, I think that’s where I saw it. Then have the LBS order one. Can’t remember the brand?

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