I miss her

I do, i really miss her Summers little sister, it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, I thought she was waking up last week but she’s gone back to sleep and a winter’s tightened it’s grip once more, dsc01536

She is so lovely, she receives you coolly in a morning, gently rousing to a bright and warm crescendo, she’s not all nice though we’ve had our moments of temper.


[Thanks to a spring shower, my gloves were so soaked they were dripping – can you spot the drip]

But she lets you know that big sisters on her way and I can’t wait for the arrival of my lady Summer, warm days and nights, dry roads and trails, big days out, big hills,

Oh to be riding mountains with the sun on my back surely that will crush the grip of the long cold winter. Roll on summer!


2 Responses

  1. Well Said. I’m fellin the same way. The wait for summer has almost reached the point of being unbearable.

  2. We had a bit of a repreave this weekend. 70 degrees F! It was wonderful, too bad I was working!

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