Sherwood Pines Ride = single track heaven!

It was the kids holiday week a couple of weeks ago and on the Monday all the family were planning to go meet friends, they just happened to be hitting the only trail centre for 100 miles so the wife suggested I take the bike and have a blast….err OK! 

Upon arrival I unpacked the family and sent them on their way, called at the shop for a map, there I was advised that there was a new trail! New Trail sounds fun and it was. I hacked my way round for about an hour and was amazed,

  1. The new trail is really fun.
  2. My legs are awesome!!

Merely a week ago I was feeling out of puff riding the Kona to and from work and after a week on the single speed I have legs like iron pistons there’s no stopping them! Which meant that I was flying round the twisty turns, the single track was well drained and for the most part easily ride-able making for a great ride!

I eventually regrouped the family for lunch and then off again for another hour, this time I returned to the trails me and Amy have run through before, the lighten bars and single 36T front chain ring were such a good idea because they made the handling and ground clearance fantastic! Another hour of single-track heaven and I was cooked and span away back to the car park. Great ride out!


2 Responses

  1. The pics reveal what appears to be a beautiful trail! Thanks for sharing ’em and glad you had a good time.

  2. YUM! Looks excellent. If I ever cross the pond, we’ll have to ride it. That’s a big “if”.

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