Hard week in the saddle,

I think it’s because I’ve seen significant improvement in my strength and fitness on the Langster that I feel like I’m training for something, but I’m not, should I?

Yesterdays ride to and from college was just as fast as the week before but the return journey home was 2miles longer than the week before!

Oh and I have some stats [geek out time]

  • Days – 7
  • Time – 7 hours 33 minutes
  • Distance: 102.29 miles
  • Average speed 13.5mph
  • Max 40.1

My legs were feeling very heavy at the end of yesterday but the ride home in particular did feel loads better than the week before I was faster up the hills by about 1mph and recovering much quicker I’m hoping this is due to an increased fitness.

I am starting to see a much more rapid decease in the fat stomach area and if I can manage to get some runs in / gym this week I’ll be doing well.

Today’s duties have been exchanged with the wife she’s in the saddle and I’m on the school run with the rest of the cagers! I think a day out of the saddle will do me good as up until a few days ago I’ve been neglecting my rear and developed a saddle sore, it feel loads better than it did a few days ago thanks the assoss chamoix cream and regular applications of sudacreme seem to be doing the trick! Not nice!

But it’s good to share. Later Y’all.

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