New Bike 1st ride review.

It’s very plush, I’ve put my mountain biking mud guards on to keep me dry and clean and i’ve added specialized red bar phat to stop my hands freezing to the gorgeous [now well protected] track drop bars.

The track bars will take some getting used to I think as they have a different shape to what I’m used to and not sure of the best position for climbing and having my hands yet.

The gearing is a 42/16t which I have found gives a comfortable pootling speed but when you put the power down there is plenty of range to accelerate before you spin out.

Going through traffic on a hill was interesting, the narrow bars encourage slipping through the vehicles but the desire to not stop is quite strong as it is a fair bit of effort to get going again.

The tyres grip well roll fast and are comfortable,Β 

Comfort is also increased through the carbon forks keeping the front end light even with bolted hubs and the the carbon wrapped seatpost saves some back pain.

I enjoyed the ride in and found not having to think about gears was not difficult infact it was kind of nice, i think i could get used to it…..Β 

I guess that is the thing about single speed bikes it’s just the opportunity to ride, uncompllicated riding.

[oh god i’m going off like a singlespeed preacher…. urgh! Sorry, just exceited.]


9 Responses

  1. Yes I realise I’ve posted the same picture twice. But that is how excited about the NEW BIKE!! I am.

    It’s basically Christmas again for me and I’ve got just what I wanted!….. except I’ve got to pay for it.

  2. Sheesh! All that money and you don’t even get any gears….


    Fat Lad

  3. What there’s no gears…. i’ve been robbed!! πŸ˜‰

    Means no wimping out on hill just got to MTFU! and go for it…..

    Or walk.

  4. Looks very, er, Monaco-in?! Very nice. If I remember my Langster’s, they have a flip-flop. Are you riding SS or fixie?
    By the way, ehat’s MTFU? HTFU?! Confused… “Mother the …” ;-P

  5. Don, Cheers, Currently going for SS… too much ice for the trying out a fixie for the 1st time. wimp I know!

    MTFU means Man The F**k Up.

    It is apparently a term commonly used describing how one would deal with hills. Though I only heard it the 1st time a few days a go.

    Having done a hilly ride home it describes perfectly SS hill climbing.

  6. Beautiful bike This is really sexy.

  7. Nice bike and I read your first ride report with interest since I’m currently shopping for a SS/Fixie, too. πŸ™‚

  8. Very nice lookin’ ride!

  9. […] a good example see my previous posts about the langster Here Here and Here shameful lusting all of […]

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