More broken bits.

Not the blog…. my ever breaking bike. Now both my wheels have had it, I’m on the bus to and from college today which is disappointing.

My current bike issues are:

  • Rear rim had it, will not maintain it’s shape, 1/2 the spokes are bending and nearly all the eyelets are falling out.
  • Front Hub is actually falling apart, front wheel is following in the foot steps of it’s rear cousin.
  • Crank arm that is bent, is bending more and more due to it’s structural weekness and the loading that I put through it.

mmm, bike being my only way of getting to and from work means this is going to be an interesting week.

Anyway work to do. more later


4 Responses

  1. When do you get the new bike?

  2. Serious funding issues mean that it maybe a while, going to have to get some new wheels 1st. 😦

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