Being a Gorilla Cyclist

As a follow on thought from yesterdays post:

My problem is that I want to have my cake and eat it, I want to use cycle lanes when it’s more convinient for me to do so and I want to use the road, pavement, bridleways, foot paths I want it all!

I love the feeling of blasting through the city swerving in and out of traffic gain places, loosing places with cars and eventually beating them to my imaginary finishing lines.

I love the winding secret footpaths that connect my office to home, most of which I’m not officially suppose to ride on with the bike but it’s so much fun!

Am i really wrong? I feel like i’m not hurting anyone so why worry about it.

I think my conflict is representive of my own internal battle between the rebellious youth and the sensible adult.

These two sides battle it out for control of me this is played out in my riding, sometimes I will behave perfectly, others I shall charge to my destination regardless of the obsticles, cutting lines, pushing my senses to take in everything and never stop moving!

Is it because the adrenaline rush is so good, pitting your self against the city, fighting it and exploding out of the other side victorious!

I don’t think i’ll change I’ll continue to bend and break the rules in order to maintain momentum and avoid death machines but then surely it is to be expected that the HighwayMunky is a Gorilla Cyclist!


One Response

  1. Yeah… but HighwayGorilla sounds lame compared to HighwayMunky!
    Word homeboy!

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