Wow this morning was an effort! Eventually kicking the kids out of the house I trudged up the hill to deposit a rather cold snow covered little girl at school and then turn around and a hard ride in driving snow [that little stinging type] which would have made for great photo’s

[shame the batteries ran out on the camera]

What was hard packed ice & snow yesterday was today covered in a fresh couple of inches of snow.

This has the stange effect of making me nearly silent as i run along but without a clue as to what is on the ground in front of me, which is particularly interesting when there are tyre tracks frozen into the ice which act as tram lines to try and direct me off the wrong way.

Again the simple bicycle was faster than the car & 4×4 as i passed all the traffic, dodged the big 4×4 truck slipping and sliding all over the place.

I more than a few stares and looks of disbelief that I rode in today but it was probably quicker than driving, and loads more fun.

Take it steady out there.


3 Responses

  1. I heard that you are getting the most snow in years over there. Keep safe and enjoy passing the cagers!

  2. Oh yer! Loads more snow than we’ve had since I was a wee boy! Woohoo!

    Check out our snowman on Flickr

  3. Batteries were probably cold, new ones die on me in ten mins in this weather, take them out and put them under all your layers for a while and they’ll work again. I took two sets out on monday and rotated them, worked ok!

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