“Solo rides – roll out with your buddies or destroy those miles alone…”

Riders Writing Cycle Submitted for your consideration]

“Solo rides – roll out with your buddies or destroy those miles alone…”

Due to my geographical location I don’t have buddies that I can go riding with very often…..

[all together now: awwww]


Anyway this has meant that 99% of my riding is solo, just me or just me and my friend called “ipod” so basically just me for miles and miles.

Almost all of my riding is done on the commute cranking to and from work and college. This is both hard work and a life saver.  

Hard work: because you try pulling on 3/4 tights over my fat arse at 6:30 in the morning  then not falling off for 6 miles of frozen road.

Life saver: because it meant I quit smoking and I’m as fit as slightly podgy fiddle, even to the point that after a  couple of days off and I’m a proper grumpy gorilla in need to of a good spin…. i digress.

Biking solo, destroying miles for pleasure to me is early morning summer rides, doing 40 miles in a morning before having the life sucked out of me at my desk all day then slowly spinning home.

It is warm weather, I ride fast I hunker down on the skinny tyres, and just fly,

mile after mile of high revs,

music in my ears,

focused on nothing but the road,

always the road in front nothing else matters but the road,

it doesn’t need anything from me, it’s just glad I’m there.

After about 30 – 40 minutes my legs have properly warmed up and I enter a zen like state I believe is called the “Zone” my legs spin fast but with no effort, 

I stream through the air a perfect collaboration of podgy bloke and bicycle,

This higher state of cycling, this haven of bodily movement, clarity of thought and effortless motion is the place where solo cycling comes into it’s own.

Anything else is just commuting! 

As for the team rides, 

If I could get away with it I’d move 40 miles north to get out with the Bad Brains Crew every week.


It’s just more fun laughing at other people falling over.

This post is my response to the cattle prod applied by Fat Lad, the distinguished blogger . The prod was applied to Wheel Dancer i’m jumping on board.

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