Heavy Fog & Skipping Traffic


Todays commute was very very foggy, making me appreciative of my new rear end lighting setup.

As I near the office, well with about 1/2 a mile to go there is a very busy traffic junction with cars and lorry’s queueing up for ages, now I used to sit in the queue like a good boy and suck diesel fumes until it was my turn to go…. not any more.

Now a days I skip through the traffic steadily and sensibly worming my way to the front and this usually saves me 10 to 15 minutes…. it’s that bad there.

Now today as I weaved through traffic a car in front saw me coming and deliberatly [or so it seamed] moved over to block my path, so with a smile on my face I slid round on the traffic side and passed, 

In front of the forementioned car was a lorry and with traffic now approaching from the other direction I was forced to stop.

A woman in the car behind wound down her window and exclaimed at me.

“Bloody Cyclists, why do you just wait like everyone else!”

My usual reaction to having abuse hurled at me in the street is to get angry, but I’m really trying not to be the angry cyclist. 

So this time it, for what ever reason made me laugh,

Laugh, laugh, I laughed my ass off as there was a break in the on coming traffic and I rode away passing the car and lorry drivers sitting in the queue,

“Bloddy Cyclists!”

She was now out of the car waving her fist at me, traffic was moving and she was struggling to get back in, she was now holding up traffic.

I rode on chuckling to my self, at the hilarity of what had just happened. 

A few moments later she drove past looking very angry,

I waved, smiled and rode on.



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