Helmet Modifications

It was mentioned to me in passing that the my rear end was not visible enough on the bike whilst riding at dusk. This piece of advice was delivered to me thus:

“Get some lights on you MORON!!”

(he used a different word to moron I care not to mention here)

Now I did have a light on, I used to have 3 at the rear end but one died, my small boy misplaced the good one and I was left with one that had clearly run out of batteries.

So new batteries for the remaining light and an additional light purchased, I saw a guy with this the other day and figured it would mean that I would be more Christmas tree like and this should hold off any more supportive advice from the general public.


Secured with the world famous, can build any thing out of them…. Zip Tie!

Also is was kind of spray-ie this morning on the way in, I have the evidence to prove it,


[it was clean wihen I set off] 



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