Broken Bits

I thought that I would do something posotive about the increasing number of noises coming from my bike, and not just turn up my ipod to ignore them.

So I cleaned the whole bike and degreased it and lubed and greased it up again so all squeeks should have disappeared.

I then thought I would attend to the rust that was developing on my fron chain rings.

Crank arms removed,

Chain rings removed,


All ruct rubbed off & cranks lubed,

Cranks will not go back on….. shit!

It would appear that at some point in time I have bashed my crank arm / big ring with enough force to bend it out of line so that only the middle and granny rings will go back on.

I’ve tried other chain rings [assuming it was just the ring…. no]

So new cranks are required….. but expensive so for the moment I am riding a 9 geared bike!!

[never use the granny on my commute anyway so why add weight?]

So I’m running a very slimmed down gearing and had…. no problem this morning…… I may just leave it like that! 

Who needs all those gears?

Also has to replace the front derailleur as my old one would not move at all! there are currently no cable attached to this derailleur it’s set in place to stop the chain jumping off!

Updates on the reduced gearing as events unfold.

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  1. Sounds cool, got any picts? 😉

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