New Year break out

Weekend riding was just the commute to work at LBS and back which is always a fun fast downhill there and a slog back up, which was harder than usual due to my rapid expansion [outwards].

Yes as most people I have eaten, drank,eaten some more, drank more and made merry for 2weeks and now I feel fat!

So I shall mostly be eating weetabix for breakfast, weight watchers soups for lunch and a weight watchers reciepe main meal with the family, this is the feeding plan for January. I have even been so anal as to plan each meal every night for the rest of the month and pre order the shopping for each week, so there can be no excuses for copping out with a quick chinese or fish & chips.

My plans, resolutions, proposals for the year ahead are as follows:

  • Take more photos [with my lovely new camera:Samsung S1070]
  • Record all mileage [computer reset and i’ll leave it running until end of December]
  • Enjoy the riding I can do and don’t stress about the riding I can’t do
  • Get fitter by riding, running & gym [as it’s costing me enough!!]



One Response

  1. Speaking of eating fish and chips, I think I had about the best fish and chips in the area here a couple of nights ago at the pub. Good thing I don’t go there a ton!

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