Woodland Dash

En route to work this fresh Christmas week, the dawn was yet to come and after the celebration of the solstice the north tilts ever so slightly back towards the light, 

Darkness covering the land, alone except for the scurry of small beasts dashing to save themselves from the demon light and the crashing of tyre through their world.

A single beam of light peircing the darkness guiding ever on through trees and brush, cutting the darkness but for a second before it once again it envelopes the woods behind out lone rider.

Cutting through valley and over brow, Slicing the single track our warrior rides, panting and straining, the muscles roar, onwards he drives onwards for more.

Ever on, ever up, ever down til the trail no more will allow. Once again the hard black reclaims the path of our tyres, our journeys abate, no more he rides.


until tonight!!


One Response

  1. Nice read man. Kerouac got’s nuthin’ on you! 😉

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