Days 365
Weekend 104
Actual cycling dates minus 261
20% of dates 52.2
Work 208.8 2714.4
College 25 750
LBS 60 720
Fun 500
Total 4684.4

I think this is what I’ve done this year. Not exactly measured, just an estimate but over 4000miles on the bike is cool for a cyclist!

Thoughts inspired by Gom1

Any one got any mileage figures?


2 Responses

  1. An impressive total

  2. I bad a rather bad motorcycle accident that threw me out for at least a month on the bike, but without that I commute to work 19 or 20 days a month with a 15 mile RT.

    That’s 3600 miles commuting theoretically. Add in training miles, racing miles, and just plain fun dicking around miles … and we’re probably over 5k a year.

    My job this past summer kept me from commuting and doing a lot of general cycling, so I’m probably only going to hit 1500-2000 miles this year though. Next year will be the 5k goal!

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