A touch chilly out there wouldn’t you say?

Bugger me it’s cold!

I’ve been off the bike for a few days and whilst I wasn’t looking winter descends in force upon us.

My off road routes are cold, muddy, slippy and hard work! But not yet frozen! When they freeze up then i’ll be back on the rough stuff until then it’s road and hard pack city.

Thanks to the guys at the LBS for the straightening of my wheels, spoke replacement, new tyres, chain cleaning, brake allignment help at the weekend. They were quite impressed that i’ve had my bike for 18months ridden thousands of miles on it to and from work and every where else and it’s still on it’s original wheels! But most other grinding metal parts have been replaced in offer of sacrifice to the trail gods!

Kona has now been spruced up a bit with faster rolling tyres for the cold and I’m hanging onto the stylish and awesome grip of my Panaracer fire XC pro tyres as they are the best off road, mud eaters I’ve ever seen or used!

Anyway back to the cold! oh it was fresh this morning, I quite like the cold as it means that I don’t get too hot riding and as i am a hairy sweaty bloke I usually end up drenched by the end of a ride and this is starting to cause me issues.

Do I either go for warmth or comfort? Do i stay warm but get sweaty or not and get a bit cold?

Today I tried to balance base, thermal and shell layers and may have cracked it, I took of my shell layer after about an hour and was fairly comfortable for the rest of the ride.

But my favorite thing is a Buff or two, one round the neck and one over the head, sweat absorbtion and heat retention are fantastic with these things, if anyone feels lead to buying me a Xmas present then a new Buff would be a good choice.

What does every one else choose as their winter riding gear??


2 Responses

  1. YUM! Chili! Oop, wait… misread. My bad.

  2. Winter riding gear? Sorry, mate. Not for the next six or so months … 🙂

    Nice photograph. That looks really cold. Hope you will get your layering right.

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