Grumpy Old Cyclists

Following yesterdays terrifying episode I stuck to well established, well known routes for the journey in this morning, I chose the easier routes from the gym, Yes gym, check me out going to the gym 1st thing!

(it was suppose to be a big ride but it was far too cold for that)

Today was a bit different however because I passed more cyclist’s than usual on a variety of routes, some on trails, some on cycleways, some on the road and of all the them (there were in total 5 cyclists who passed me)

Being the friendly cyclist I wave and said good morning to them all and the responses I got were:

  1. Hi (& smile)
  2. Nothing… ignored
  3. Cyclists nod (too cool for school)
  4. Nothing… ignored
  5. Nothing… ignored

Well you could say that 2 out of 5 ain’t bad but why, why didn’t they just say hi, why are fellow cyclists often grumpy old men who shun you for some secret unknown elitist reason?

Is it just around me?

Poll Time!

Go share your thoughts.


One Response

  1. Maybe I should try riding with my boobs out!

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