Autumn riding!

dsc01908I love riding in autumn, it is a much more comfortable season to ride in than summer (at times) the air is cooler so I don’t get as hot, the wind keeps the sweat off and the scenery of gold and brown is beautiful.

I love that the nettles are dying back so trails are opening up again, fresh to be explored and see what has happened to them over the overgrown summer.

(but be careful as ones that were guarded by Big Ass Scary Dogs!! will undoubtedly still be guarded by the aforementioned K9’s. I swear these Rottweiler’s were the size of me! I came blasting out of the track, onto the road and rounded the corner pleased that I had avoided the dogs (that should be chained up within their own property! NOT running free!)

There they were sitting side by side in the middle of the lane, guardians of their own domain and I was very much the intruder.

I stopped…. Shit!…… They haven’t noticed….. off the bike…. turn around..


“oh shit!”

I’m quickly off the bike and in lion tamer position keeping the bike between me and my foes,

The big one (he was big I didn’t fancy my chances) comes barrelling towards me, barking

“shit he’s big” “what do I do?”

Hit him the bike? Yell? Submit?

I stand up straight and yell at him “NO, STOP! GO HOME!”

He stops, looks at me, circles around me and growling, sniffs and fucks off!

I look round and the other one’s legged it too.

I jump on the bike and look round and he’s changed his mind and is coming back,

“Bollocks, just go for it”

I hammer the pedals and am away sprinting is seconds, dog has no chance of keeping up the with levels of Adrenalin pumping through me, I’m clear and slow down to a leisurely pace through the farmers yard…..

Bark Bark!!


Another dog comes belting up at me barking, so I hammer down again, but this fella is a border collie and much faster than the Rottweiler’s I’ve just escaped.

I’m going like the clappers and he is keeping up, barking like a maniac, I can hear the farmer yelling something, sounds like he’s egging the dog on but who knows.

The dog snaps for my leg so I give him the good news from the end of my boot and that pulls the wind from his sails and puts end to it.

I’m away but don’t slow down for a while…..

(Note: Do not go that way home or to work again!!)

**Please note I do not condone violence against animals, but I’m no dogs breakfast!)**


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