Supporting Fatty & Susan!

As you will probably know there exists in Utah a man called Fatty, he is a fellow cyclist and blogger in fact he is probably the premier cycling blogger! His wife Susan is very ill with cancer.

So Fatty (also known as Elden) has decided to raise money for the very worth while and also cycling related Livestrong Cancer foundation started by the Infamous cycling legend Lance Armstrong.

Break world records all in the name of kicking cancer’s arse!

Fatty is launching:

(excerpt from

Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan:

Here are some interesting facts for you:

Team Dell — you know, the computer guys — had the largest LiveStrong Challenge team ever last year, with more than 260 people in it.
Team Toi raised the most money ever, raising over $350,000 for the LiveStrong Challenge.
Here are my thoughts on both of these records: Pffff.

Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan

For 2009, I am going to form Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan for the LiveStrong Challenge, and I want you to join me. If you’re willing to put in some work, together our neighborhood will not simply break these records; we will crush them.

No, we will demolish them.

And humiliate them, just for fun.

Oh, and by the way, by either joining the team or contributing to the team — your choice — you will automatically be entering yourself in raffles to win prizes that will make your head spin.

So I am going to Join Team Fatty!

Not too sure what I will do as an event, suggestions welcome but I love reading fatty’s blog and have bought the Jersey, it’s probably about time to give some thing back. Also it’s a great excuse for some serious biking and every penny raised for cancer research is money well spent!

P.S. Fatlad if you fancy getting together to do something to raise money for this that would be cool!


3 Responses

  1. I’m in! What we doing?


  2. Bridlington & back?

    Anything mate don’t mind, should be something good!

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