It must be my turn, that’s it it’s my turn. In the world of cycling there is a big wheel (imagine the wheel of fortune) and when it lands on you that’s it. It’s your turn and their ain’t nothing you can do about it.

That’s right folks puncture season is upon us once again, the trail gods have seen fit to send forth their legions of thorns, nails and various other spiky things out to get me.

I arrive at work yesterday, sat at my desk and me colleage says

“rob, do you know your front wheel’s flat?”


Change it out no major drama other than this being the 4th tube this month and not a single incident in the previous few.

Get up this morning late! jump on the bike and flat again (same tire)

Missed a thorn! I got his big mate out yesterday but this little bastard was well hidden to do his dirty work.

Repair tube.

This little thorn thought he’d throw one last insult at me and break off as I tried to get him out so a tiny bit of him is still sticking through & I cant find / get at the other end to pull him back out!


Duct tape on the inside of the tire should hold him off for now but he’s still there niggling away, he’s messing with my mind!

Will he cause another flat, when when will it happen???

Damn those ninja thorns!

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