Fixing the broken bits – Gear review

In the past week I have had to replace the following parts.

SRAM x-9 Rear derailleur – Smashed out of shape during the Pennine way Epic!

Review: Excellent piece of kit, I got it second hand and sure that this reduced it’s performance at times but overall I was really happy with it’s clean shifting, definite movements and ability to keep going even when covered in mud!

Replacement – SRAM x-7 Rear derailleur (can’t afford a new X-9)

Sram Pc69 9 Speed Chain – Stetched & also damaged during the Pennine way Epic

Review – it has lasted for 6months of regular / and some times daily abuse, I have replaced it with exactly the same chain.

Replacement – Sram Pc69 9 Speed Chain

Rear Cassette – Come to the end of it’s life

Review – This was the original cassette that came with the bike and has had over 18months of hammer! Well done Shimano!

May you rest in peace.

Replacement – SRAM PG970 9spd Cassette 08

Sunline Logo lock-on Grip 09

Review – They lasted well worn flat through 9-10 months of abuse. I found them hard on the hands if you are hitting some real rough stuff but would be excellent for people with smaller hands!

Replacement – Specialized Rocca Locking Grip 08

May the good times roll and the trail gods be satisfied by their offering of new parts! May they accept the sacrfice of the dirty, broken bits of kit and be forgiving in their treatment of me when i venture into their domain.



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