Early Morning Epic

Sunday Morning came and I was up with the sparrows and off out the door for some quality early morning dirt and climbing. I looked out of the window & instead of my garage All i could see was white! Serious fog. “Mmmm this could be interesting”

Bike & gear in the car and we’re off to derwent and the quick lady bower loop.

After some shenanigans on the way there (mainly me getting lost due to being a prat & not paying attention) I arrived and the scene from my car park was this:

Bit foggy still. Anyway off we go via the dam:

The Fog starts to clear abit:

Then we meet the stairway to heaven (or is it hell? not sure) Long bloody climb mostly walking is what it is!


And the view from the top

At the top of the initial climb is a small barn & a shelter that’s been there for a while.


And from the shelter we go up some more!

Looking back the way I came:

Is it rideable? yes but it’s probably just as quick to walk!

Are we there yet?

Nearly there and above the fog now.

Top of the hill (well the walking section anyway a mile of so along and up and then it’s all down hill and the fun begin’s.

& Here is where the bloody camera phone dies…. rubbish!

Anyway the rest of the ride was great and I was done & back in time for church! Ladybower / Derwent is a great place to ride especially so early in a morning!



2 Responses

  1. The fog adds to the mystic of the place. I wouldn’t mind riding there.

  2. I love the early morning foggy rides. Looks like a cool place to ride. I’d love to ride it.

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