Ride to work 2.9.08

This mornings ride in was an attempt to redeem myself from the struggle to ride in yesterday was and I wanted to see if all my fitness had really disappeared or it was the hang over from the weekend?

It was mostly the hang over from the weekend but still fairly hard work!

Whilst taking my usual few photo shots I thought I’d try and do a video of some of the ride but could not get my camera phone to stay where it could see ahead.

Any way here is my attempt at a ride video!


Yer I did drop the phone….oops!

I’m back on the knobbly tyres and really enjoying it.
Quite muddy today but it was so good.

Check out the new Hope skewers! (the old ones kept coming loose!!) Sexy!

One Response

  1. Forewarned is forearmed, make sure you keep the hope skewers nice and tight and check them reguarly. Every set I’ve had (3) came loose far too often for my liking. They look gorgeous I can’t deny but they are entertaining to be owners of

    Fat Lad

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